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We advise our guests who are allergic to some foods to consult the allergen table at the end of this page and communicate any intolerances to the staff. In case of failure to communicate, the management declines all responsibility.


Fish appetizers

Seafood fantasy € 20.00 

Tasting of 5 fresh fish appetizers of the day, chosen by the chef.
Allergens: crustaceans, molluscs, starchy foods, lactose, mustard, celery ❄️ 

Kaeso starter €40.00 

Tasting of 12 fish appetizers in different cooking modes, fried, boiled, marinated. Smoked
PC allergens: fish, starchy foods, nuts, crustacean molluscs, mustard, celery ,,❄️

Fish soufflé € 12.00 

Delicate potato pie, filled with sautéed courgettes and salmon, drowned in a creamy prawn soup and Grana Padano cream, chopped pistachios
Allergens: nuts, lactose, shellfish, fish ❄️

Swordfish caponata € 15.00 

Typical traditional Sicilian dish, revisited in a fusion key, with pieces of flavored swordfish.
Allergens: fish, starchy foods ❄️ 

Octopus € 15.00 

A riot of flavours, grilled smoked octopus, salmoriglio, potato quenelles flavored with shallots and Grana Padano.
Allergens: shellfish, lactose, ❄️ 

Sword rolls € 16.00 

Swordfish roulade, with a soft Sicilian filling, cherry puree with basil, Tuma Ragusana aubergine, drowned in a sauce with a hint of fennel and a pour of Girgentano goat cheese fondue.
PC Allergens: fish, starchy foods, sesame, lactose, nuts ❄️ 

Spatula € 15.00 

Turban of scabbard fish, stuffed with a brunoise of fresh vegetables, in a soft puree of caramelized red Tropea onion
Allergens: fish, lactose, starchy foods ❄️ 

Three prawn cocktail € 12.00 

 in cocktail sauce
Allergeni: shellfish, lactose, eggs, mustard ❄️ 

Raw food € 30.00 

First choice scampi, first choice red prawn, tuna tartare, amberjack tartare, pineapple, citrus fruits. PC Allergens: shellfish, fish ❄️ 

Fish first courses 

Ravioloni Atenei € 20.00 

Panzerotti stuffed with ricotta and spinach, wrapped in an apumosiasima fresh salmon cream and Grana Padano fondue 

Allergens: starchy foods, lactose, fish, ❄️

Spaghetti del Capo € 20.00 

Fusilloni (De Cecco) salicornia, sword cubes, Mazara red, lime powder PC Crustacean fish flour allergens ❄️ 

Author's Paccheri € 35.00 

Paccheri (De Cecco) 400g local lobster, cherry tomatoes, fish broth PC Allergens: crustaceans, starchy foods, fish ❄️ 

Scialatelli del Moro €18.00 

Durum wheat semolina pasta, cuttlefish ink, cuttlefish cubes, pani atturratu.
PC allergens: shellfish, fish, starchy foods ❄️

Busiata Kaeso € 20.00 

Fresh busiata, scampi cream, local pistachio pesto, stracciatella, chopped pistachios
Allergens: Crustacean, starch, lactose, nut  ❄️ 

Chicche Kaeso € 20.00 

Potato chips, red prawn fondue and Grana Padano, chopped pistachios
Allergens: crustaceans, starchy foods, lactose, nuts ❄️

Tagliolini Afrodite € 25.00 

Tagliolini (De Cecco) sea urchins, shades of white CDC, raw red prawn gems.
Allergens: starchy foods, molluscs ❄️

Risotto Nereo € 22.00 

Carnaroli rice grains, asparagus cream, monkfish, mascarpone Raw red prawn chips Fish broth Allergens: shellfish, fish, lactose ❄️ 

Fish main courses 

Amberjack € 18.00 

Amberjack fillet, very tender, cooked sous vide at low temperature, flavored with sage, with julienne roasted potatoes, caramelized Tropea red onion and confit cherry tomatoes, marinated anchovies. Allergens: fish, nuts, celery ❄️ 

Tuna € 18.00 

Delicious Sicilian-style tuna, stewed on a crock, with julienne vegetables. Recipe from ancient local traditions, revisited by the Chef.
Allergens: fish, crustaceans, molluscs ❄️ 

Sea bass € 18.00 

Very soft fillet breaded and creamed in oil cooked on cream of potatoes with shallots and Grana Padano and brunoise of steamed vegetables. Allergens, fish, starchy foods ❄️ 

Red prawns € 30.00 

First choice red prawns from Mazara, seared on the grill, accompanied by a very tasty salmoriglio sauce, with fresh salad.
Allergens: shellfish ❄️ 

Fish grill €30.00 

Slice of swordfish, squid, first choice prawns, with salad
Allergens: crustaceans, molluscs, fish ❄️ 

Fried fish €18.00 

Calamari, prawns and battered vegetables PC Allergens: crustaceans, molluscs, starchy celery ❄️

Cover charge € 2.50

Allergens list

The symbol (❄️) indicates raw material that has undergone a chilling and freezing process according to the current safety regulations of the HACCP protocol
In the absence of fresh product, very high quality frozen products are used on board