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We advise our guests who are allergic to some foods to consult the allergen table at the end of this page and communicate any intolerances to the staff. In case of failure to communicate, the management declines all responsibility.



 Fish menù

Fish appetizers

Kaeso starter €40.00

Tasting of raw and cooked fish.

Seafood fantasy €20.00

5 tastings of cooked fish starters only.

Octopus salad €16.00

pieces of octopus seasoned according to the availability of the day.

Sweet and sour spatula €15.00

fried saber on a bed of caramelized red onion.

Barded prawn €20.00

purple mazara prawn in kataifi paste with sweet and sour sauce.

Mussels and clams souté €15.00

mussel and clam soup.

Fish first courses

Paccheri with lobster €35.00

400g fresh local lobster paccheri, cherry tomatoes, fish broth.

Fish lasagna €18.00

Lasagna stuffed with seafood.

Spaghetti with sea urchins and clams €25.00

Sea urchin spaghetti, blended with white CDC and clams.

Paccheri with octopus ragout €20.00

Fresh pacchero with red wine sauce and octopus tentacles.

Seafood Risotto or Spaghetti €20.00

Carnaroli rice grains with seafood and cherry tomatoes. 

Rigatoni with seafood carbonara €20.00

Rigatoni with carbonara base, mussels, clams, octopus, squid and shrimp.

Fish main courses

Sicilian or iron sword €20.00

Sicilian-style swordfish, stewed, with capers, olives and cherry tomatoes.

Purple prawn with cognac €30.00

First choice Mazara purple prawns sautéed in cognac.

Fish grill €30.00

Slice of swordfish, squid, tuna and first choice prawns.

Grilled tuna steak

seared tuna with black poppy seeds on a bed of caramelized red onion.

Fried fish €18.00

Calamari, prawns and battered vegetables.

Fried fish €18.00

Fresh local paranza.

Imperial couscous €25.00

single mixed fish dish with its broth.

Catch of the day €6.00 ​​hg

fresh local fish.



Meat menù


Tease €15.00

Platter of cured meats, cheeses, dairy products and pickles

Mixed fried food €10.00

Panelle, Cazzilli, Ascoli olives, onion rings, chips

Meat tartare €15.00

marinated meat on a bed of rocket, balsamic cream and goat cheese drops

Caprese €9.00

slices of fresh tomato and mozzarella

First courses - Pasta Rice

Cavatelli all'agrigentina €13.00

Fresh cherry puree with basil, aubergine, mozzarella, salted ricotta

Rigatoni carbonara €14.00

Guanciale, pecorino romano, egg yolk

Busiate with Trapani pesto €13.00


Second courses grill and fried

Fillet with green pepper €25.00

Orange and ginger fillet €25.00

Porcini fillet and truffle €25.00

Italian-style sliced ​​beef €20.00

Scottona fillet, rocket, parmesan flakes, cherry tomatoes 

Grilled entrecote €20.00

Fresh salads fresh salad €8.00

N1 iceberg, tomato, olives, mozzarella, tuna, corn

N2 Rocket, sautéed porcini mushrooms, dried tomatoes, parmesan flakes and olives.

For the little ones

Chicken and potato cutlet €12.00
Burger and chips €12.00 


service €2 

Allergens list

The symbol (❄️) indicates raw material that has undergone a chilling and freezing process according to the current safety regulations of the HACCP protocol
In the absence of fresh product, very high quality frozen products are used on board